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Credit Suisse Fine Gold

1g Credit Suisse Gold BarCredit Suisse fine gold bars are made at the world-famous Valcambi refinery in Switzerland.

They are minted to 99.99% purity which is also known in the industry as ‘Four Nines’ fine gold and is indicated on each Credit Suisse fine gold bar by the words ‘Fine Gold 999,9′.

Anything above ‘One Nine’ is considered fine gold and this equates to a purity of 90.00% which many people do not realise is in fact less than 22 karats.

Credit Suisse fine gold bars are available in many denominations including:

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Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

When investing in gold bullion, some names stand out from the rest. Credit Suisse is one of those names. Traded on the global bullion market for over 40 years, Credit Suisse gold bullion bars are trusted, recognized worldwide and play a fundamental role in the gold bar bullion market.

Their place of manufacture is Valcambi, a refinery that has been on the London Bullion Market Associations ‘Good Delivery’ list since 1968.

How To Buy Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

For the gold investor, Credit Suisse fine gold bullion is an excellent choice as it is a cost effective, liquid, trusted and popular way to own gold.

Click the following link to find out more about how to buy Credit Suisse gold bullion bars online from authentic gold dealers:

Choosing to buy Credit Suisse gold bullion is a ‘no-brainer’ decision for many. They:

  • Carry less premium than bullion coins.
  • Are 999.9 fineness high quality minted bars.
  • Are available in convenient 1 Troy Ounce bars.
  • Are recognized worldwide making buying and selling them easy.
  • Are minted at the accredited Valcambi refinery.
  • Have been a popular bullion choice for more than 40 years.

Get Value For Money With Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

Many investors choose to buy gold bars rather than coins for one simple reason;They are cheaper.

This however is certainly not because of any difference in quality when one bears in mind that Credit Suisse gold bars are 24 karat purity whereas some gold coins are only 22 karat.

The price difference or what is known as ‘premium’, is the price paid above the value of gold content (which would be the same in a bar and coin of the same weight) and represents costs in refining, manufacture and distribution of bullion. In the case of bars, the premium tends to be less than that of coins.
Gold Bars Tend to be Cheaper Than Gold Coins

Credit Suisse Gold Bullion vs Krugerrands

For example, as on 25th May 2010 at, the cost of buying ten 1oz Krugerrand gold coins was $12,869 whereas the cost of buying a single 10oz Credit Suisse Bar was only $12,640.

Even if you wanted to purchase ten 1oz Credit Suisse bars in order to keep your investment more flexible, the cost would be $12,713. This example also illustrates that premium is less on bigger bars. Buying bigger coins is not an option.

In addition to price, another advantage of bars over coins is that they are available in more denominations. The overwhelming majority of bullion coins are only sized in Troy Ounces, whereas gold bullion bars are available in Troy Ounces, Grams and even the lesser known Tola, Taels, Baht and Chi denominations. Such diversity is much more suitable for investors who require a larger choice of products.

Are you ready to profit from the greatest gold bull market of modern times.

The ongoing bull market is set to rival that of the 1970’s which saw gold prices rise 10-fold.

If you think you have missed the boat…..Think again.

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